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Rare AMC AMX Javelin Rally Pack dash gauges 68 69 70 SST Donohue

AMC AMX 1969 Rally Pack gauge and bezel

Used Rally Pack gauge and bezel from a 1969 AMC AMX in good working condition.

This is a very rare set of Rally Pack Gauges out of a 1969 AMC AMX. These are original equipment and contain the Vacuum, Oil Pressure and Alternator gauges, and a fine black bezel.

The gauges are in excellent shape, (see pictures). They are housed in a nice black bezel that is not cracked, chipped or damaged any way. The vacuum still draws and the oil pressure moves freely when tilted. I`m sure the Alt.gauge still works as well. Clips for the screw to mount are still attached to the bezel.

One of the plug ins for the light on the Vacuum side (rear) is missing, but can be fixed with little effort. The black background in the Oil / Amm meter is slightly more brighter compared to the vacuum gauge.

These are definitely a rare find, it’s not often you see such special and nice parts for sale on eBay or other places.

All parts are original American Motors Corp. And made for AMX/Javelin 1969.

This is parts for the ultimate option for 1969 (1968) AMX or Javelin. It can also be used for the 1970 AMX or Javelin without the bezel.

Parts was removed from a 1969 AMX and sitting in box in my house for many year. The wiring harness and sockets for the back lighting is not included. All Instruments worked when it was turned out of the car.

If better or more pictures are needed, contact me and I will get some more.

To learn more about 68-70 AMX & Javelin most desirable and rare Rally Pack option, go here:

Have a nice day and have fun with your classic AMX or Javelin!





AMC Group 19 2X4 Edelbrock STR-11 intake for 390 V8 SS/AMX SCRambler

Rare original factory performance intake. Edelbrock produced for AMC a Cross Ram intake, the Edelbrock STR 11. This dual-carbed, two- piece intake was made of aluminum and had a removable top half. A few hundred were made with the AM part number 4486228 stamped in them for 1967-’69 and 4488411 for 1970 and up. Edelbrock also offered them without the part number stamped on them. This is the 67-69 version part number 4486228.  These intakes were used on all SS/AMX.  It is in nice condition.    Here is your chance to own a rare Group 19 part to upgrade your AMC!